Our solutions

From delivery to mobile ordering, our solutions are designed to fit your needs.

Mobile ordering

Enable easy ordering and payments from on-site restaurants with mobile phones, helping reduce labor costs.

  • Branded app experience
  • Drive more orders
  • Eliminate wait times
Mobile ordering



Give customers the option to get their favorite on-site dining options delivered to their door. Whether you have your own fleet of drivers, would like to use Grubhub drivers, or are interested in robotics, we have a delivery solution for you.

  • No cost to you
  • Easy to order
  • Customize for your campus

Kiosk ordering platform

Streamline operations, reduce overhead costs and allow customers to place orders without waiting in line.

  • Boost profitability
  • Utilize mobile-first approach
  • Replace expensive, outdated POS systems
Kiosk ordering platform

Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Incentivize repeat business by offering rewards for ordering milestones.

  • Encourage orders again and again
  • Make your food program irresistible
  • Set your own terms


Build an innovative dining ecosystem with help from leading on-site partners.

  • Campus card partnerships
  • Self-driving robots
  • Smart lockers
Auburn University at Montgomery

“Grubhub is the ideal combination of an in-person experience and mobile app ordering. The implementation team takes all guess work out of the equation, delivering the smoothest, most efficient software implementation I have ever seen. Moving to Grubhub was a Game Changer!”

Niki Patrick

Senior Director, Auburn University at Montgomery