What is a mobile ordering system?

A mobile ordering system allows customers to order and pay from their mobile phones for your on-site restaurant. Customers can then pick up their orders for a safe, contact-free pickup.

What are the benefits of a self ordering kiosk?

A self ordering kiosk can help streamline your operations by reducing overhead costs and allowing you to repurpose employees to other focus areas. It can also increase profitability by driving more orders while increasing your average ticket size. Self ordering kiosks also reduce lines and waiting time for your customers.

Is food delivery to my hotel possible?

Yes, it is. Grubhub On Site offers your customers the convenience of delivery within your hotel or resort environment. Your guests can even get food delivered directly to their hotel room.

What are the benefits of food loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs incentivize repeat business so your customers keep coming back to your campus, hotel, or stadium restaurants by offering rewards for ordering milestones.

How can I improve our campus dining program? 

College students are busy. They want convenient and efficient food ordering options. That’s where Grubhub On Site can help. We offer a range of mobile ordering technology solutions that will elevate your campus dining experience. From self ordering kiosks to self driving delivery robots, we help provide a world-class ordering experience on your college campus.

What is Grubhub On Site?

Grubhub On Site works with college campuses, hotels and stadiums to streamline operations with mobile ordering technology that elevates the guest experience. We are a one stop shop for your foodservice technology needs, covering everything from point of sale to delivery and creating a branded space within the Grubhub app to showcase your on-site restaurants.

Who should I reach out to regarding any Grubhub On Site related issues? 

Every Grubhub On Site client will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager that they can reach out to. Our clients are also offered 24/7 support that is available via phone/email.