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cashier-less technology

Cashier-less store technology: why college campuses are adopting it

Colleges across the country are implementing a futuristic new technology: stores with no staff. Students…
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A group of self driving robots traveling across a college campus.

How Do Food Delivery Robots Work?

Food delivery robots are the latest innovation in the restaurant industry.  These fully autonomous, compact…
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Grubhub kiosk

How the University of Notre Dame uses Grubhub to provide a comprehensive dining experience

Being a University of Notre Dame student with a hearty appetite has never been more…
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Grubhub Onsite: Community Impact 2023 Round Up

In 2023, Grubhub expanded our impact program with new strategic partnerships, investing more than $15…
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Grubhub courier delivering food to college students

College Meals: The Importance of Efficiency and Convenience

College students are a unique consumer group—they’re managing academic workloads, navigating newfound independence, and juggling…
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Person placing a mobile food order on the Grubhub app.

How Rotating Menus Enhance the Guest and Staff Dining Experience

Food is undoubtedly a crucial component to any type of guest experience. Rotating menus can…
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College student placing a mobile order on his phone.

Integrating Campus Cards: How To Enable Seamless Student Food Ordering On and Off Campus

Today’s college students are accustomed to tech-driven dining; they’ve grown up with mobile ordering and…
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College students placing a mobile order on Grubhub.

On-Campus Dining Trends to Pay Attention To

When it comes to finding meals, college students have more choices than ever. If you’re…
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