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A self-service kiosk in a dining area on campus.

Why Your Campus Should Use Self-Service Kiosks

Since 2020, the restaurant industry has been adopting new technology at an unprecedented pace. As…
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Grubhub and Cartken robot driving through the University of Arizona campus.

How the University of Arizona Uses Grubhub and Cartken for Robot Delivery

The University of Arizona (UA), a public university with a student population of over 40,000…
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Couple smiling laying in bed enjoying room service.

Technology Tips for Managing a Resort Dining Experience

A resort is a true vacation destination, offering lodging, dining, and guest experiences. Given the…
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Three students enjoying a pizza on campus.

How to Build Campus Community Through Dining

The strength of the campus community—the social unit students form as a result of shared…
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College student placing a food order on campus.

Using Food to Elevate the College Experience

Food plays a central role in the college experience. Convenient, high-quality dining options help students…
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A group of self driving robots traveling across a college campus.

Why Food Delivery Robots Are the Latest Campus Trend

Food delivery robots are one of the latest trends to hit the restaurant industry. These…
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Female hotel guest relaxing in her room.

3 Ideas for Improving Your Hotel Guest Experience

When a guest stays at your hotel, their perception of the property arises from a…
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Group of students sharing a meal ordered on Grubhub.

5 Ways to Reduce Waiting and Improve the Campus Dining Experience

Imagine yourself as a university student dashing across a quad before your next class. You…
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