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A student scanning his phone to open his order in the food locker.

What Are Food Lockers, and Why Should Your College Campus Use Them?

Across the United States, students are increasingly interested in low-contact dining options. It’s important for…
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Woman placing a food order on her mobile phone.

Mobile Ordering: Providing Students With Efficient Dining Options

College students are all about convenience—they were raised on one-click orders and same-day delivery. If…
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Woman on her mobile device in a hotel lobby.

3 Hotel Trends and How to Take Advantage of Them

While a lot of external factors affect the hospitality industry, two of the most important…
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Drake University campus entrance.

How Drake University Upgraded Their Off Campus Dining Program Through Grubhub

When Drake University launched its off-campus dining program in 2020 they realized mobile ordering would…
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