Woman on her mobile device in a hotel lobby.

3 Hotel Trends and How to Take Advantage of Them

While a lot of external factors affect the hospitality industry, two of the most important are travel trends and consumer behavior. Integrating these trends efficiently will help ensure your hotel meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Staying up-to-date on travel and hotel trends

Hotel trends are constantly changing and while there’s no need to take action on every trend, by simply monitoring changes, you’ll be better equipped to keep pace with competitors and anticipate the shifting needs of hotel guests.

Some ways to track travel trends that impact the hotel industry include:

  • Noting what travelers are raving about on social media by looking up travel-related hashtags and hotel locations 
  • Analyzing changes to competitors’ operations and advertising
  • Reading hospitality publications
  • Following consumer research reports

3 top hotel trends

Scroll through hotel social media accounts and you’ll see that the hospitality industry is evolving quickly in response to the way customers view travel, and technology. In 2023, there are three key trends affecting hotels and resorts.

1. Smart hotel technology

The hotel industry is moving into the future by switching to tech-based systems that increase efficiency and convenience — all while reducing labor costs. Smart hotels feature innovations such as:

  • Self check-in stations
  • Mobile hotel room keys
  • App-based light, thermostat, and TV controls
  • Remote checkout and late-checkout requests
  • AI-powered customer support and hospitality

Resorts World Las Vegas is pioneering the smart hotel experience with “On The Fly at Resorts World powered by Grubhub,” its experience that allows guests to order room service from any of the retail or dining or dining locations on the property via the Grubhub app. 

2. Customer-centric dining

In 2023, hotels are implementing flexible dining systems that adapt easily to individual customer preferences. Guests not only expect a wide variety of dining options, but they also want a quick and simple ordering experience, like scanning a QR code and ordering via their mobile phones

Hotel dining trends to watch include:

  • Contactless room-service delivery 
  • Mobile ordering for room service, delivery, pickup, and delivery for in-room dining
  • Food options to suit dietary restrictions and wellness tourism

3. Upgraded customer experience

Travelers have more hotel options than ever. To attract both new and returning guests, many hospitality properties are upgrading the customer experience by offering:

  • Free early check-in and late checkout
  • Multichannel communication, including accepting requests via texts, calls, and emails
  • Authentic and proactive customer service
  • Personalized communication, amenities, and in-room services
  • Perks for anniversaries, birthdays, and special events

Leverage the latest hotel trends with Grubhub On Site

With hoteliers always searching for innovative new ways to use fresh technology to enhance the guest experience at their properties, Grubhub On Site helps you keep up with the latest trends. The service brings Grubhub’s mobile ordering technology to your property, enabling guests to order from local restaurants within a custom-branded app experience specific to your hotel. They can choose to pick up the food or schedule delivery directly to the hotel. The increased convenience and familiar platform boosts the overall experience and keeps your hungry guests happy. 

Grubhub On Site offers a custom-branded experience for your hotel as well as onsite marketing materials to promote exclusive diner benefits such as discounts on food and delivery fees.  Some hotels will even qualify to receive a bounty for every new Grubhub user who places an order.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to find out how Grubhub On Site can help you stay on top of hospitality and hotel trends.