Female hotel guest relaxing in her room.

3 Ideas for Improving Your Hotel Guest Experience

When a guest stays at your hotel, their perception of the property arises from a series of interactions. From the speed of check-in to the quality of the towels in the bathroom, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the hotel guest experience. By perfecting the variables within your control, you can satisfy guests at every turn.

We all know exceptional guest experiences have a significant impact on brand awareness and the overall bottom line. Happy guests contribute to more repeat bookings and less demand on your team. A wowed guest is also far more likely to offer positive online and word-of-mouth reviews — and in the age of social media, a single glowing recommendation to enhance public opinion can pay dividends. Here are three ideas to keep in mind for your guest experience:

Serve Delicious Food On-Site

Whether you run an airport hotel or a five-star resort, delicious food options are a surefire way to improve the guest experience. Guests can enjoy a good meal without the need to leave the hotel. This extra convenience goes a long way, particularly for people who are arriving after a long day of travel, meetings or tourist activities.

If your hotel or resort has on site dining options or is considering adding on site dining, here are some important considerations to keep in mind: 

  • Quality of food. It’s not enough to simply serve food — the quality must be top-notch. Even a simple sandwich or burger can delight guests if it’s prepared well.
  • Food variety. It’s also important to have several different types of food options available to ensure guest satisfaction and to capture more business for your restaurant. Consider offering a variety of cuisines so that there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Dining option styles. If the size and layout of your hotel allows, try to provide both casual and formal dining options for guests. A grab-and-go outlet is perfect for people who want to pick up a quick meal on the way to their room, while a more elegant sit-down restaurant accommodates people who want to enjoy the full dining experience.

Provide Top-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for every hotel, regardless of star level. Each employee should strive to deliver a welcoming and helpful experience so guests feel comfortable on the property.

Some ways to provide better service at your hotel include:

  • Being consistent. When a guest knows they’ll receive the same friendly service in every part of the hotel, they can relax and enjoy their stay.
  • Taking guest issues seriously. When someone brings a problem to your attention, take it seriously — no matter how inconsequential it may seem. A guest who feels heard and validated is likely to carry that feeling throughout the rest of their stay. A guest who feels dismissed is likely to carry that feeling throughout the rest of their stay. If you can provide a quick, helpful solution, you’ll defuse a negative emotional response and enable the guest to have a positive overall experience.
  • Anticipating guests’ needs. Analyze your guests’ typical activities and find ways to meet their needs before they ask. If many of your customers are international, replace traditional outlets with universal wall sockets. If you welcome business travelers, create laptop-friendly spaces throughout your hotel so they can work in areas other than just their room. 
  • Creating a competitive advantage. Examine your top competitors and find ways to provide a superior experience. You might invest in better sheets, allow free late checkout or provide a welcome drink at check-in. Because this strategy defies guest expectations, it can feel more memorable and enjoyable for people staying at your property.
  • Treating employees well. Happy workers have better morale and motivation, enabling them to provide great service.

Offer Mobile Ordering

In several other aspects of life, consumers are accustomed to ordering food on their phone. Why should it be any different when staying at your hotel? Mobile ordering brings the same level of convenience to on-site dining, taking the hotel guest-experience to the next level. Partnering with Grubhub provides your guests with a branded, property specific experience in-app. With a simple QR code scan, guests unlock a uniquely elevated room service experience with special perks for staying at your hotel. You are also able to showcase your restaurants on the app so your guests can view their menus and place orders for pickup or room service.

The benefits of mobile ordering include:

  • Choice of experience. Guests can customize their dining experience to meet their needs at any given moment. When they’re not in the mood for human interaction, they can request contactless room service right within the app and receive a notification when their order has been delivered at their door. If they need to eat quickly before an evening show, guests can conveniently order something to go from one of your property’s restaurants and grab it en route to the show without ever having to physically wait at the venue.
  • Location flexibility. Mobile ordering can enable guests to get their meal delivered to any location in the hotel. They can enjoy a cocktail in the business center or lunch by the pool, all without the need to walk to the restaurant or flag down a server.
  • Fast menu updates. Any time you need to add new dishes or remove items that are out of stock, a digital ordering system lets you update the menu with a single click — no need to replace in-room menus or disappoint guests. 

Grubhub On Site makes it easy to offer mobile ordering to your guests. Get your own branded experience within the Grubhub app to handle room service, and pickup orders.

Ready to learn more? To find out how to elevate your hotel guest experience with Grubhub On Site, contact us today.