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Loyola Maryland Students Embrace Cashier-less Shopping with Grubhub

At Loyola University of Maryland, students can now shop at a convenience store without ever needing to wait in a checkout line. This innovative experience is made possible through the integration of Grubhub with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, which leverages computer vision, object recognition, advanced sensors, deep machine learning, and generative AI. This collaboration delivers a seamless and convenient shopping experience for students and operators alike.

About the integration 

Grubhub has been discussing autonomous convenience stores with campus partners for years. It’s a challenging area to streamline with technology due to the traditional reliance on cashiers, particularly in a tough labor market where it can be challenging to find employees. Just Walk Out technology offers an ideal solution.

Grubhub began collaborating with Amazon in the summer of 2023, delivering the first production orders. The technology enhances sales and provides significant value to the Loyola community, all without needing staff to operate the location.

It integrates seamlessly into the existing Grubhub mobile ordering process. Just Walk Out technology functions like any other on-campus dining location—the difference is that there are no menu items to choose from within the app. Instead, users select their items in the store. After choosing a payment method, a QR code appears on the shopper’s phone.

This QR code is scanned at the entry gate. Shelf sensors and specialized cameras track which items are taken or returned to shelves. When the student finishes shopping, they simply walk out, and the transaction amount is charged to their meal plan or selected payment method.

The system ensures sufficient funds are available in the user’s campus account before granting entry, preventing overdrafts. If necessary, the system can charge a different payment method or notify the store operator for further action.

Loyola University of Maryland paves the way as first partner 

Loyola has been a Grubhub partner since 2015, and they’ve always been early adopters from mobile ordering to kiosks, among other cutting-edge dining technology. 

Although they have a transaction system provider, they didn’t want to introduce a secondary app just for Just Walk Out technology. Since the Grubhub app is already integral to campus life, this partnership was a natural fit.

The initial launch was with a convenience store operated by Parkhurst, located in the bottom of a residential hall. By launching this integration, the convenience store was now able to offer 24/7 retail availability, which wasn’t feasible before. Students have access to essential items like food, drinks, and laundry detergent right where they live. This boosts sales and benefits the Loyola community—all without needing staff. As a result of the positive reception, Loyola is expanding to additional locations. 

Looking ahead: the future of Grubhub and Just Walk Out technology

The integration with Just Walk Out technology enables Grubhub to meet a campus’s full range of needs—from mobile ordering, kiosks, and robot delivery, to reusable containers, smart lockers, and now, cashier-less retail.

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This content was originally published on Campus ID News.