Grubhub Onsite: Community Impact 2023 Round Up

In 2023, Grubhub expanded our impact program with new strategic partnerships, investing more than $15 million in communities across the United States through the Grubhub Community Fund and other impact programs.* 

We are focused on serving as a community partner and industry leader as we work to help close the hunger gap, create more opportunity in the hospitality industry, and support independent restaurants. These focus areas guide our impact program and help us take care of our neighbors in a way that we are uniquely positioned to do. 

Here are a few key highlights around how we supported our local communities in 2023:

  • $15 million invested in communities nationwide through the Grubhub Community Fund and other impact programs
  • $3.4 million in Grubhub Community Fund grants awarded to new partners
  • 55.6+ million meals supported through Grubhub and the Grubhub Community Fund partners
  • 45 states benefited from Grubhub and Grubhub Community Fund-funded programs 
  • 500+ organizations and causes supported through Grubhub and Grubhub Community Fund programs
  • 408 employee donations matched
  • $5.7+ million in grants to local, family-owned restaurants through Grubhub Community Fund partners
  • $1+ million invested in business development opportunities for independent restaurants through Grubhub and Grubhub Community Fund programs

Grubhub’s community impact vision

In recent years, we evolved our community impact approach to better guide our overarching strategy, scale impact, and identify new partnership opportunities. In 2023, we deepened our community impact in key markets by: 

Providing More Grants to More Organizations: In 2023, we supported more than 80 organizations through the Grubhub Community Fund – a 40% increase from 2022.

Expanding Our Hometown Impact: In 2004, we opened our doors in Chicago, and in 2023, we invested in new partnerships across our three focus areas, supporting nearly 100 Chicagoland community-based organizations through Grubhub and Grubhub Community Fund programs.

Scaling Our Food Recovery Efforts: We hit a new milestone in our food recovery effort, partnering to recover and redirect more than 40 million pounds of food to local food banks, pantries, and community organizations across the country. 

How can your organization support the community?

By making it easy to streamline food ordering, Grubhub Onsite is one way campuses, hotels and more across the nation support their communities. Contact us today. 

Interested in the full 2023 community impact report? Read it here

*The Grubhub Community Fund is a Donor Advised Fund at a national sponsoring organization.