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How the University of Notre Dame uses Grubhub to provide a comprehensive dining experience

Being a University of Notre Dame student with a hearty appetite has never been more rewarding. Through a partnership with Grubhub, Notre Dame has developed a dining services program that prioritizes flexibility, variety, and convenience.

The journey towards mobile ordering at Notre Dame commenced in 2018 when the university partnered with Tapingo, a campus mobile ordering provider later acquired by Grubhub.

“We essentially had Grubhub in place as a secondary ordering service for select dining retail operations,” says Bin An, Director of Retail Dining for University Enterprises and Events at the University of Notre Dame. “When COVID hit and we had to figure out ways to service students while reducing physical contact, we pivoted to increase our Grubhub footprint.”

With the shift in student behavior during the pandemic, walk-up service temporarily halted, making ordering via phone or kiosk the new norm.

To adapt to these changing times, Notre Dame partnered with Grubhub to provide contactless ordering solutions across most dining locations on its South Bend campus. These solutions include in-person kiosk ordering, pre-ordering through the Grubhub mobile app, and even autonomous robot delivery.

The Grubhub app serves as the primary channel for mobile ordering among Notre Dame students. It seamlessly integrates with the university’s ID card system for convenient order payment. Additionally, the Grubhub kiosk allows guests to order using various cashless payment methods, such as credit, debit, and student ID cards.

Notre Dame operates as a cashless retail environment, with food-service locations, dining halls, and concession stands exclusively accepting credit, debit, or campus card payments.

An emphasizes the benefits of a cashless system, citing increased efficiency, reduced security risks associated with cash handling, and decreased health concerns.

In February 2023, Notre Dame introduced autonomous robot delivery services across its campus, enhancing the omnichannel retail strategy. According to An, this initiative aims to provide greater flexibility and accessibility to the university community.

Riley’s Day in the Life

Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff have various options to engage with Grubhub, each offering its unique conveniences. Take Riley, a typical Notre Dame student, for instance:

In the morning, Riley pre-orders breakfast via the Grubhub app from home, paying with flex points and picking it up on his way to class. At lunchtime, he uses a Grubhub kiosk to order a customized stir fry before entering the dining hall, saving time to review his notes.

Late at night, Riley craves pizza and wings, which he orders through the Grubhub app. Within thirty minutes, a robot delivers his meal to his dorm.

University staff members also benefit from Grubhub’s services, particularly during busy days filled with back-to-back meetings.

An reports a thriving program, with a 10% increase in year-over-year sales through Grubhub during the Fall 2023 semester. Since the launch of the robot fleet, over 36,000 deliveries have been made, a remarkable feat considering Notre Dame’s undergraduate population of just 9,000 students.

Convenient Ghost Kitchens

Notre Dame has also embraced the ghost kitchen concept to bolster its late-night dining offerings. Leveraging existing infrastructure and operational capabilities, the ghost kitchen operates after hours, exclusively fulfilling orders placed through the Grubhub app.

Reggie Kalili, Director of Student Dining for University Enterprises and Events, explains how the dining team is cross-trained to manage multiple menus, ensuring efficient operation of the ghost kitchen without requiring additional staff.

Through ongoing collaboration with stakeholders, including student ambassadors and government, Notre Dame continues to innovate its dining program, catering to the evolving needs and desires of its community. This commitment underscores Notre Dame’s dedication to nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of its university community as it strives to make a positive impact in the world.

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This content was originally published on Campus ID News.