College student placing a mobile order on his phone.

Integrating Campus Cards: How To Enable Seamless Student Food Ordering On and Off Campus

Today’s college students are accustomed to tech-driven dining; they’ve grown up with mobile ordering and digital payments. In response to changing expectations, many university dining programs are evolving to deliver an easier, more convenient experience.

That’s where Grubhub On Site comes in—this unique service enables students to order from on-campus restaurants using the familiar Grubhub app. When you integrate campus cards into the system, each student has the option to pay with their university meal plan.

How does Grubhub On Site work with campus cards?

The Grubhub On Site campus card program integrates directly with your existing card provider on the Grubhub app. When students submit an order, they’ll see their campus card in the list of payment options. The best part? Students don’t need to be on campus to use a meal plan; they can simply order delivery to an off-campus location.

Grubhub On Site is compatible with a variety of leading campus card providers, including:

  • Atrium
  • TouchNet
  • Transact

Benefits of integrating campus cards and Grubhub On Site for college dining programs

Adding campus cards to your Grubhub On Site system has advantages for the university and the student body. Key benefits include:

  • Better ordering experience. The Grubhub campus card partnership creates a more convenient experience for students. With mobile ordering, they can order and pay for food using their meal plan and pick it up on the way to their next class—all without waiting in line or taking out their campus card.
  • Secure authentication. Built-in security protocols enable you to authenticate students’ campus cards quickly, all while protecting confidential data.
  • Flexible payments. With Grubhub On Site, students always have the ability to choose their payment method. If funds are low on their campus card, they can simply switch to a different option.
  • Increased revenue. When students can use the Grubhub app to order and pay from their campus card balance, they may be more likely to choose on-campus restaurants. And because the Grubhub app supports pickup and delivery, this is a great way to get more orders from students who live off campus. As a bonus, your dining program can also receive a commission for every off-campus order.
  • Smarter Staffing. Grubhub On Site takes care of common front-of-house tasks, including placing orders, processing campus card payments, and notifying students when their food is ready. And because you get access to Grubhub drivers, you can add delivery without hiring additional employees.
  • Detailed reporting. Grubhub On Site comes with a robust reporting system including a dashboard with top down control. It provides detailed reporting tools for sales, shops and campus activity including revenue tracking, order volume for both on-campus and off-campus restaurants, payment method data and detailed menu management and device status tools.

Campus card payments enabled for mobile ordering provides an instant upgrade for your university’s dining program, whether you work at a small private institution or a sprawling state school. To find out how Grubhub On Site can help you integrate the latest technologies, get in touch today.