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Technology Tips for Managing a Resort Dining Experience

A resort is a true vacation destination, offering lodging, dining, and guest experiences. Given the many moving parts, resort management can be a complex endeavor, especially when you offer dining on property. To run a successful food and beverage program, it’s important to understand the different types of technology that can help ensure you are providing your guests with the best possible experience.

What does resort dining management encompass?

Resort dining management involves a full team of employees working towards the goal of ensuring the culinary experience on property runs smoothly. Responsibilities include:

  • Controlling all food and beverage operations on property
  • Hiring and training staff
  • Budget/menu/inventory management
  • Customer experience management

The resort food and beverage director or manager oversees all restaurant employees and room service. They must ensure operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible to achieve consistently positive dining experiences and guest impressions. Many resort food and beverage directors and managers have started relying on technology to help them accomplish this.

3 technology tips for managing a resort dining experience successfully

These technology tips can help you succeed if you’re in a resort dining management position and ensure your guests have the best experience possible:

  1. Have an all-in-one order management system. An Order Management System (OMS) is a software solution that helps streamline and automate the process of taking and managing customer orders. OMS features such as order taking, order tracking, inventory management and reporting make it easy for your resort’s food and beverage operations to stay organized and provide your guests with the high quality service and dining they deserve. 
  2. Offer mobile ordering. Not only does mobile ordering make it incredibly convenient for guests to use their phones to place food orders, it also provides your resort with opportunities to increase revenue. Thanks to mobile ordering’s ease of use, orders can be placed at a more frequent rate, and the increased throughput should have a positive impact on your bottom line. Additionally, ordering ahead on mobile devices drastically reduces wait times for any pickup orders your guests might place.
  3. Create an on-site delivery network. The ability to deliver food throughout your hotel property is something guests value. But in order to accomplish this, it is important to have a suite of tools such as mobile delivery dispatching and order tracking to ensure efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Using Grubhub On Site for the ultimate guest dining experience

If your goal as a resort food and beverage director or manager is to elevate the guest dining experience, looking at upgrading your technology is a great place to start. With a few cost-effective changes, you can adapt resort operations to meet the needs of modern travelers and increase revenue. Grubhub On Site can help—using the trusted Grubhub platform, you can unlock mobile ordering technology for your resort’s dining operations with minimal service disruption. Instead of flagging down a server or trekking to a restaurant, your guests can simply order food from their smartphones and have it delivered directly to their room or lounge chair.

Grubhub On Site is designed with efficient resort and hotel management in mind. The system reduces hospitality labor requirements so you can cut costs and increase guest convenience.

To learn how Grubhub On Site can improve your resort dining management process, get in touch.